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Jun, 2016

APA formatting and style guide

Understanding the Four Major Types of Essays

Are you searching for academic writing resources? offers a comprehensive APA formatting and style guide together with all information regarding academic writing. That is after noting that many students take essay writing as one of their least favorite subjects. Many of them feel overwhelmed, confused or even frustrated when trying to write an excellent essay. Fortunately, with the help of this famous writing hub and an updated APA formatting and style guide it is no longer that hard once you get the basics. Here are the four basic types of essays and some easy tips on how to write outstanding pieces.

  1. Narrative Essays

When writing a narrative essay, you are required to write about a real-life experience that you once encountered. It may seem easy, and most students are quick to pick this type thinking that it will be a snap. However, a narrative essay can be tricky to write. That is because writers are not used to writing about themselves. Hence, if you choose a narrative essay, ensure you apply all of your senses to the best of your ability. Talking about feelings, sights, sounds, thoughts and so on will enable you to captivate your audience.

  1. Descriptive Essays

They are very similar to the narrative essays only that they strive to paint pictures using words on papers. You may choose to write your descriptive essay regarding a person, object, place or event. Most students struggle with these essays because even if you are describing an event, you are not just writing the article for the sake of describing the scenario. You need to bring up a deeper meaning and value as well as ultimately communicate it to the reader through description. The ideal descriptive essays will make an object or moment alive in all of the interesting details that it possesses as instructed in APA formatting and style guide that follows.

  1. Expository Essays

Expository essays are the ones that mostly apply the APA formatting and style guide. It is the type of writing that is very common in colleges and universities since they are research papers. You are required to gather information along with facts and ultimately organize them in a logical manner. You present research findings and then draw conclusions based on what you find out. It is important to understand that your subjective thoughts, feelings or even opinions are not allowed in these essays as seen in the APA formatting and style guide.

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  1. Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays allow writers to put their thoughts or opinions in their works as long as they provide adequate evidence to support them. However, the greatest challenge comes in providing the evidence as well as learning how to defend and debate one’s point of view. Ideal persuasion essays focus on one aspect of a discussion and then develop from there. has professionals who are highly experienced in essay writing. The writers are available all times at affordable charges. They offer consultations regarding all sorts of writing and can also write any academic papers for their clients.

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